Amy Self and The Wicked Current Jan. 20th 6pmPT/9pmET

Tonight 6pmPT on Beyond The Strange! I will be speaking with Amy Self, co-author of ‘The Wicked Current’ and wife of Ray Self, primary author of the book. The Wicked Current is the first book in a series of books about a dire message from the indigenous Cherokee people (or so he thought) towards humanity. Ray had started experiencing vivid dreams of these visitors and would write down their message and also draw pictures of symbols that came to him in these trances.

Amy and will discuss this as well as show pictures of these symbols. Don’t miss this fascinating true story only on Beyond The Strange! Amy Self was alongside her husband Ray as a series of paranormal events culminated in an ancient object appearing in their home. Ray then began writing in trances. The first portion of those writings is the book The Wicked Current. Ray passed away years ago and Amy is still searching for the answers to a mountain of questions—primarily, what was this all about?

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