More changes to come!

Beyond The Strange is over a year old now and with age comes a little wisdom. I’ve met a lot of people in the past year. Also, I’ve been to a few places that I haven’t gone to before. Some of the people that I’ve met have been amazing, insightful people. Some I have even chosen to call friends. What is the purpose in all this? I’m starting to believe that we are all here on this planet for one purpose that we can all keep in common. That is to learn. Some learn faster than others. Also people tend to learn in different ways or what that individual needs at that moment needs to learn.

This past Sunday I spoke about believing that there is a ‘Shift’ coming. At first I didn’t know what that was but now, now I am starting to understand. It’s a change the whole world is going through spiritually and physically. There are many different theories on this Shift, too many to believe in just one. So here is the trick for me. I find or learn what I feel I need for myself, then I leave the rest. Simple, right? Eh,maybe not so simple. Like I said, the Universe is vast and sometimes it takes time to truly obtain what one needs for themselves in this life. Hopefully, when we leave this plane of existence we hope to keep what we learned. And if I had truly have done this before (life in general and then death then reincarnate) I don’t remember a single thing from my past life or lives. But maybe, my personality or mind is the same. I don’t really know. But what I am getting at is, we all are here to learn. Let’s do that, and forget all the stupid little things. We need each other. And that is something we all need to learn. Peace -Dave Cruz

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