And so it begins..

Hello Beyonders. Hopefully you all can read this post. If you can’t, either our Internet has been taken away or our right to freedom of speech has been totally revoked. I don’t post very often but while I have my rights still, I thought I had better start exercising this right. Yesterday, Oct.21st, 2016, the US had a what is known as DDoS Cyber attack on the Internet. it caused outages on multiple social and streaming service websites all over the web. Who or what caused it is still yet to be discovered but what is known is that it was enough to disrupt the lives of the American people and folks all around the world. With that said, I want to remind or inform people who aren’t aware, that at the beginning of Oct., the Internet was handed over to Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN for short. There’s a lot more to this but what I am getting at is that while statements from the cronies of the Powers That Be say ‘the changes will go unnoticed’ I believe we are already feeling the repercussions of this transition like what happened yesterday morning. And then there is that conspiracy theory that U.N. is going to have total control of the Internet soon. I don’t know about that, but I will say this: Our Internet today will never be the same and that we can expect more changes, not necessarily for the better either, to come in the near future. The Web was our escape, our livelihood. It connected the world. And now it might actually be taken away. Then what. What will ‘They’ take away next? Are we going to standby and watch our rights be removed one by one? It’s time to wake the ‘F’ up people! We need to listen to alternative news and media more. We need to get the information. Get educated about today’s system! Otherwise, ‘They’ win. -Dave, Host and Exec Producer of Beyond The Strange Radio


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