America’s Stonehenge

Here is America’s Stonehenge March 08/18 during the latest nor’easter.

During a recent snowstorm.


Does this look like a colonial root cellar? Since AS is built on top of a fault line, like many European megalithic sites, sometimes dennis has to do preservation work to make sure the chambers don’t collapse. When they were rebuilding this wall, how much of the soil was undisturbed?

West Wall


New discoveries during a explorations about 3 years ago.

Grooved Intel


Proof of Alignment!

Equinox Sunrise

Quarrying on the site?  Were they going to be quarried to mark an alignment?

Two Slabs


Here is one of the serpentine walls. This topic is a new interest for Dennis.  Are they contemporary with the main site or later?  Or are they colonial?

AS Serpintine Wall


More upkeep Dennis is doing since he went into retirement a couple years ago.

Upkeep on property.